Doña Panchita Foods

Idioma: Español

Doña Panchita Enfrijoladas


1 bag of Doña Panchita Cooked Black Beans of 2 lbs.
Half can evaporated milk
Half chicken bouillon cube
Salt to taste

Shredded chicken or cheese (this is the traditional filling)
700 gr. fresh grated cheese
50 gr. finely chopped onion

20 tortillas
Fresh grated cheese and onion slices to taste for garnish
Oil (for frying)

Preparation method:

  1. Prepare the filling, grated fresh cheese mix (or chicken) and onion.
  2. In blender put the Doña Panchita Cooked Black Beans, milk and chicken bouillon, and Blend until a smooth paste and liquid. Subsequently comes to heat in a pan.
  3. He begins to heat the oil in a separate pan and when hot, put one tortilla at a time by heating it for about 3 seconds on each side and get stacked on a plate to remove some of the oil.
  4. Once you have completed heating the tortillas quickly (with caution because the tortillas will be hot) are passed on bean sauce on one side and added the mixture of grated cheese or chicken, rolled as a tube and follow the same procedure with all the tortillas.
  5. 4 enfrijoladas subsequently distributed on each plate, were bathed bean sauce on top and are put grated cheese and onion slices for garnish.
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